Congress happy despite defeat because it is a worrisome win for the BJP


When the BJP keeps Gujarat and wrests Himachal Pradesh, it is a matter to be glad over the results and the party pretending so, but the leadership is worried about the erosion of its base in the home state of the Prime Minister. The state where the BJP has been ruling for more than two decades and has been showcasing it as a model state in almost all elections to take people for a ride has almost slipped from its hand. It has got only seven seats more than the simple majority. All the high-sounding claims to cross the 150 seats came crashing. Even the workers are reportedly not happy with the win while the leadership is apparently planning to strengthen its weakened base in the state. It is also reported that in 16 seats, the party won with a slender majority from 200 to 2000. The reports also say that in some seats, the Aam Aadmi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party played spoil sport to cause the defeat of the Congress. This slender win was achieved by moving heaven and earth and spending every rupee and using every muscle it has.

Against this background the Congress President Rahul Gandhi a day after the Gujarat results said the polls had delivered the BJP a bitter shock. Responding to the remark, the HRD Minister  Prakash Javadekar said Rahul Gandhi was under the illusion that the Gujarat polls was a jolt for the BJP. However, it is not an illusion but a ground reality. The BJP leaders have felt it but are pretending that all is well with the party and a win is a win. While exercising their franchise, the people in the state hit back the ruling party where it hurts most.

After Gujarat, it is a matter of glee for Rahul Gandhi that in Rajasthan civic polls, the Congress surged ahead of the ruling BJP.


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