Iqbal Durani: from scripting film stories to writing a book on Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)


Iqbal Durani is a well-known film script writer and director who penned and directed a silver jubilee film Phool Aur Kante and many other successful films. On his arrival in Hyderabad, United Journalists Trust and Anjuman Khalam Karan-e-Deccan organized a meeting with him at Urdu Ghar where writer, poets and intellectuals attended to exchange views with him on December 19. The founder trustee of Journalist Trust Al Haj Mohammad Kazam Ali Khan presided over the meeting which was waiting to hear about current film trends of Bollywood from the veteran film writer, but to the utter surprise of the audience, Iqbal Durnani exposed a new aspect of writing and revealed that at present he was writing a book on the life of the Prophet of God Hazarat Mohammad (PBUH). He said he started the book from Hazarat Ibrahim and the portion of the prophet would be completed in Madina.

He read out some  portions of the book entitled Zam Zam and Qurbani and the audience was transfixed as the poetic prose filled them with emotional sentiments and mentally transported them to the world of the distant past.

Kazam Ali Khan Ali Khan offered thanks to him for his presentation and appreciated his new style of writing. Aslam Farshori, Hadi Raheel and others also spoke. Some poets also presented their poetry. Mukhtar Ahmed Fardeen proposed a vote of thanks.


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