Union minister’s utterance against secularism exposes BJP’s communal face


The Union Minister, Anant Kumar Hegde, said if someone says he is Hindu, Muslim or Sikh or belonging to any religion, he can understand, but he is not able to understand the roots of persons who claim to be secular. He said that since BJP was in power the party would remove the word, ‘secular’ from the constitution. He passed this controversial remark when he was addressing an event in Karnataka.

The word secular is the identity of our constitution and removing the word is nothing but to erase the basic identity of the constitution. This is the part of the larger conspiracy of the BJP to head towards the Hindutva goal. However, at present, the party has distanced itself from this evil-designed and controversial remark. The BJP spokesperson for Karnataka Vamanacharya said the party did not want to get involved with what the Union Minister said. To make the remark worse, the minister further said those who called themselves secular are like people, ‘without parentage’. The state Congress leaders said the BJP was denigrating the ideals on which the constitution is based.

Congress leader P Chidambaram slammed the minister and said the remark showed the true face of the BJP. Condemning the remark, the Congress spokesman in Delhi Gaurav Gogoi said abusing the oath of office and denigrating the constitution and its values have become distinctive features of the BJP. It is a fact that the RSS has never given due respect to the constitution. Till recently they never hoisted the national flag on their office. Its basic philosophy is based on bigotry, hate and divisive politics. The Prime  Minister Narendra Modi never hesitated to admit that he belonged to the RSS and got inspiration from the organization.

It is also reported that a former zilla panchayat member of Karnataka said he would pay Rs one crore to anyone who chopped off Hegde’s tongue for making the statement.


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