In Rajasthan, Muslims are harassed and killed while Vasundhra Raje government plays spectator


The communally peaceful Indian atmosphere turned into the worst communal one since the BJP government headed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in 2014. The RSS activists who were many a time arrested in communal riots in different parts of the country are now playing a key role in encouraging and guiding the affiliates of the organization, the Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Prishad and others to spread communal propaganda against minorities, particularly Muslims. The slogans of ‘Love Jihad’, ‘ Beef’, ‘Gau Raksha’ and ‘Ghar Wapsi’ were coined to tarnish the image of Muslims. Mohammd Aklaq to Pehlu Khan were killed. The goons in the garb of Gau Rakshaks have been given a free hand to harass, beat and even kill Muslims who are transporting the cattle from one place to another. On beef eating, Muslims were asked to go to Pakistan. In trains, Muslims are being chastised for eating beef and harassed and even killed. The youth Junaid is the glaring example of this hate crime. This Christmas the UP schools were instructed to not arrange singing of carols. Is this festival song meant to hurt the religious feeling of any community? Not only minorities in India but the secular dignitaries in the world including the then US president Barack Obama who visited India on the invitation of the Prime   Minister expressed his anguish over the communal atmosphere in India. Against this backdrop, the minorities are mentally hurt because their national sentiments were questioned.

When the scenario is already so much disturbing it is reported that the state of Rajasthan is leading to implement the communal agenda.  A voluntary organization Bhumi Adhikar Andolan visited different parts of Rajasthan and came across the worst communal situation which sees ill-treatment, harassment and fatal suppression against Muslims. The team of the organization that visited Mewat, Alwar, Bharatpur, Rajsamund and Udaipur consisted of K K Rakesh, Rajya Sabha MP of CPM, Badruduja Lok Sabha MP ,former MLA of Rajasthan A Ram, Vijoo Krishnan, joint secretary of All India Kisan Sabha, senior advocate P Sundernath and others. While speaking to media on January 8, they said that on some pretext or the other, Muslims are being tortured and killed while police are least bothered to file cases against the criminals. They accused the Rajasthan government of active collusion with the murderers.

They said in the British times, the government, for its own vested interests, used to brand certain tribes as criminals. The present day government is criminalizing Muslims. In Mewat, the entire Muslim community is treated as criminal. Vijoo Krishnan said Mewat saw communal riots very rarely but the government is creating communal tensions. The team met the Alwar District Collector and Superintendent of Police and asked them about the anguish of the Muslim community about their security but they refused to speak on the subject. Being government servants they should have refused the apprehension, but they did not. Here the Muslims are dubbed as , ‘cow thieves’. Many murders of Muslims attracted national attention. Plehlu Khan was lynched in Alwar, Ummar Khan was killed in Bharatpur, Afrazul was killed and body set on fire in Rajsamand and Zafar Khan was beaten to death when he protested the photographing of women defecating in the open.

The team told the press persons that they were preparing a detailed report and the matter would be raised in Parliament.  It seems the Rajasthan government is acting with bias to polarize the atmosphere on the eve of the elections, a commonly known strategy of the BJP.


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