PIO Tanzanian Parliamentarian expresses anguish over Gau Rakshaks’ killing spree


Gau Rakshaks’ murder spree is not only a matter of grave concern for Muslims in India but Persons of Indian Origin in foreign countries are also worried about it. They think this murderous activity of extremists in the name of safety to the cow, the sacred animal for Hindus, is tarnishing the image of India abroad. The fact came to the fore when Tanzanian Parliamentarian Saleem Turky while speaking to media persons in Delhi on January 10 said they feel proud what the Modi government was doing in India, but the activities of cow vigilantes and their killing of innocent people was tarnishing the image of the country.

Saleem Turky is in Delhi as he visited India to participate in the meeting of PIO Parliamentarian which was addressed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said the safeguard of the cow should not turn into a pretext for some people to kill the innocent. The cow vigilantes should perform their duty within the frame work of law and should not indulge in anti-social activities. Saleem Turky was among those who addressed the meeting. When asked why he did not raise the matter in his address to the meeting, he said he did not think it proper to raise a controversial issue in the meeting in which the world representatives participated. He said he raised the matter when he met the minister for external affairs Sushma Suraj. She shared his concern, but told him that it was exaggerated by some people.

Saleem Turky said they had a chance to see the videos showing the crimes of the Gau Rakshaks. Here it may be noted that Prime Minister himself expressed concern over unlawful activities of the cow vigilantes more than once and asked the state governments to rein in the unlawful activities in the name of safeguarding the cow. However, the state governments are not behaving sseriously to stop this serious crime.


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