Rahul promises new Congress, says not big task to defeat the BJP


In Bahrain addressing a convention of NRIs, the Congress president Rahul Gandhi promised an energetic and shining Congress under his leadership. In his first tour to a foreign country as a president of the party, he said Congress had a history of more than one hundred years and it had beaten the British out of the country. People supported the party for decades together and they would do it again. He assured the audience that in 2019, the Congress would defeat the BJP.

While he was all praise for his party, he found fault with the Modi regime. He said the government was sending wrong signals by encouraging violence in the name of religion and cultural differences. He said he could not imagine India where all people did not feel a part of India.

This criticism by Rahul Gandhi was slammed by the Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad who said it was irresponsible utterance by the Congress president. Addressing media persons, the Law Minister said Rahul Gandhi’s interaction with the NRIs was an attempt to tarnish the image of India. He said that the BJP condemned the speech by the Congress president on foreign soil. He showed the contrast between Rahul’s speech and the address of the Prime Minister to 270 Parliamentarians of Indian origin wherein he boosted the ties between India and foreign countries.

While finding fault with Rahul Gandhi, the minister forgot the past when the Prime Minister more than once criticized the past Congress government in foreign countries. The BJP does not like the reply in the same coin.


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