Siddaramaiah orchestrating a grand victory: It will be the first poll credit for Rahul Gandhi


All preparations for battle royal are on the card for the assembly election in the coming month when the ruling party Congress is confident to retain power in the state and the only rival the BJP is leaving nothing to chance to wrest the power. Already wordy dual between the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and the BJP president, the poll strategist, Amit Shah, has begun. The latter as usual is leveling baseless charges against the government and the Chief Minister. Stooping to new low, Amit Shah leveled serious allegation that the Chief Minister  Siddaramaiah eats beef. This shows the level of campaign the BJP has now started. The Chief Minister denied the charge vehemently. Then Amit Shah said the Karnataka government is anti-Hindu, yet another false charge. The first question is  how the government can be anti-Hindu, anti-Muslim or ant-any community? The BJP has come to its roots and started communalizing the atmosphere. More or less, the BJP wins elections by polarizing the whole environment. Even the 2014 elections were won by fanning the communal incident at Muzaffar Nagar in UP and turning it into the worst communal riot. The huge victory in UP paved the way for the absolute majority of the BJP in the last Lok Sabha polls.

In Gujarat elections also, Amit Shah mocked at Rahul’s visit to temples. It was only the unprecedented use of money and muscle power that could save the face of the party. All high-sounding slogans of the BJP president turned into whimper and the party scrapped through in the home state of Modi and Shah. The old worn out strategy of playing on the religious sentiments of the people did not work in Gujarat and it will not give positive result in Karnataka.

It is a sure bet that under the leadership of the Congress president Rahul Gandhi, the strategy chalked out by the Chief Minister will surely click and the Congress will romp home with huge majority. This claim is supported by the popularity of the welfare measures taken by the Karnataka government for almost all sections of the society. The Karnataka victory will be the first credit for Rahul Gandhi who has recently been elected as the Congress chief.


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