Yogi Adityanath a jungle raj Chief Minister, says Siddaramaiah


It is the BJP’s strategy to bring Yogi Adityanath to centre stage and give him status of a national leader. He was brought to Gujarat for the poll campaign, but failed to attract masses and impress them. In the home state of the Prime Minister, the BJP saw that even with all guns blazing, and more so the Prime Minister leaving no stone unturned, the party could not gain its target  because  the people were dejected with its government performance. Now the UP Chief Minister is summoned for Karnataka election campaign. The elections in Karnataka are as much crucial as the Gujarat polls were. Karnataka is considered as the door for the BJP to enter the south and the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah vowed to not allow the party to repeat the history when it won the state.

Addressing a BJP rally, Yogi Adityanath questioned about the religion of the Karnataka Chief Minister and said he is a Hindu like Rahul Gandhi who during elections visited temples. Siddaramaiah retorted him strongly and said he followed the Hinduism taught by Swamy Vivekananda and not that of Godse who killed Mahatma Gandhi. In a tweet, the CM said he need not learn anything from those whose guru is Godse.

While addressing media persons on January 8 Siddaramaiah dubbed Yogi ‘a jungle raj Chief Minister’. Those who are following the policy of Hindutva cannot teach us anything, he said. In a tweet, Karnataka CM said Yogi had no right to ask him whether he eats beef or not and clarified that he never ate beef because he did not like it. The war of words between the two Chief Ministers went viral and supported by the rival parties.


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