Blood spilling on Indo-Pak LoC : No solution in sight


It was a great friendly gesture when Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited leaders of neighbouring countries to attend his swearing-in ceremony in 2014. It was an open indication for Pakistan that India was all willing to solve the bilateral issues including Kashmir in a peaceful way, but it seemed the Pak Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef was not inclined to respond positively. Then to back up his message, the Prime Minister even went uninvited on Christmas day 2015 to Shareef’s home near Lahore to wish him on his birth day. It was a daring step though diplomatically wrong, but India did not get positive response. On the contrary, the Pak militants raided Pathankot air base on the New Year day 2016. Since then the bilateral relations are getting from bad to worse. And now they are touching the Nadir. Pakistan continued to violate cease fire accord and now it has become a bloody routine affair. Last week alone within four days 11 people were killed while among them five were army men and others civilians. Meanwhile India conducted surgical strike, the extreme step during peace time, but it also failed to teach Pakistan a lesson.

There is heavy firing from Pak side and not only our javans but civilians are also becoming victims. For those living near the border, it is a hell of a life. A bolt from the blue may become a message of death. As India is also giving a fitting reply and inflicting loss of life and property on the other side, Pakistan is blaming aggressive attitude on the part of India while the boot is on the other foot. No doubt, India has vowed not to begin the process of negotiations till cross-border terrorism comes to an end. And there is no end to it. Jammu and Kashmir witnesses terror violence now and then. Facing the world criticism and giving no heed to it, Pakistan has adopted cross-border terrorism as its policy against India.

The PDP-BJP government which came to power to satiate the hunger for power on the part of both the parties miserably failed to give even a breath of peace to the state. Recently the Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti appealed India and Pakistan to resume parleys. She said on the death anniversary of her father Mufti Muhammad Sayeed that resumption of dialogue between India and Pakistan was the only solution to end the bloodshed in Kashmir. Suggesting the dialogue, she little realized that even if India agreed to hold talks, there is no stable government in Pakistan. Nawaz Shareef was removed and some Pak circles continue blaming the situation to military conspiracy against him. It is also a fact that Pak terror organizations are funding  disruptive activities in the state.

The main person behind this terror funding is Hafiz Saeed, the globally known terrorist, but Pak is insisting upon giving him a clean chit. Even the American government is demanding an action against him, but Pakistan, deprived of US aid, is seeing other side. At present there is no solution to this bloody situation in sight. Never in the past has the situation been as worst as it is today.


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