Modi stresses need to have inclusive society at Davos: What about at home?, asks Congress


Prime Minister Narendra Modi painted a bright picture of the country to invite foreign investment to India. He asked the investors to come to India for wealth and wellness and for health and wholeness. They will find red carpet and not a redtape, he promised.

The Congress President, Rahul Gandhi, mocked at him and tweeted that the Prime Minister was working for the rich. He asked the Prime Minister to tell Davos why the 73 per cent of the wealth of the country was possessed by only one per cent of the rich. He was referring to the Oxfam survey released on January 22.

Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma said it was a pity that the Prime Minister spoke about the rich to the rich when the World Economic Forum chief talked about the uneven distribution of wealth. It was the serious matter about the distribution of wealth and it was ignored by the PM. Sharma also raised another important issue. The Prime Minister stressed the need to create an inclusive society. While addressing a global meet, Sharma said the Prime Minister  forgot about the home turf. He said in India, inclusive society was dented by the BJP and the Sangh Parivar while he gave a high-sounding lecture to the global meet. Deepening divisions were created among the people in the country, but the PM was advocating the goal that he could not achieve at home. Prime Minister took the name of Tagore and Gandhi but he failed to implement their philosophy. The criticism levelled by Anand Sharma was correct , but the Prime Minister was helpless. He could not repeat the philosophy of Hindutva at any global forum. Therefore he raised a global issue at the world meet to take the audience for a ride.



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