Kasganj riots: Union Minister’s communal remark, Saffron flag Vs Tricolor


Communal forces have always been active in Uttar Pradesh, but the BJP raj under the stewardship of Yogi Adityanath encouraged them to create law and order problems. On the Republic Day, some Muslim youth were unfurling national flag at the Martyred Abdul Hameed  Chowk in Kasganj while Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal activists came there and tried to remove tricolor and set up saffron flag and it was resisted by the youth already present there. The right wing activities were raising objectionable slogans like, “Hindu Hindu Hindustan, Mulla Bhago Pakistan”, and other hateful slogans and this led to a clash between the two groups. As the police did not disperse them in time, they started stone pelting and this lead to the violent turn. One youth was killed and another seriously injured. Dozens of shops and vehicles were set on fire. After a tense situation for three days, a Muslim worship place was damaged on January 30 worsening the situation.

It is a matter of acute anguish that even Union Ministers did not restrain themselves. The  Minister Giriraj Singh tried to give the incident a communal colour. He said if the youth killed were Muslim, the media would have presented it in a different way.

At the same time a free and frank remark of a district magistrate Raghvendra Vikram Singh that it was a tradition nowadays to enter into Muslim localities and raise slogans against Pakistan as if the Muslims living there were supporting the neighbour country, created a controversy. The Chief Minister Yogi was reported to be sore over the remark posted on the Facebook and hinted that action would be taken against him. He said government officials were not supposed to take side of any political party. There is hardly any hint that the officer favoured any political party.

The UP Governor Ram Naik said the communal violence was “a blot” on the state government ruled by Yogi Adityanath. The situation in Kasganj was reportedly tense but a heavy deployment of police personnel combined with a crackdown on hooligans in the district had ensured peace, reported a news channel.


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