Violence against minorities pushes India down to 42nd rank in Global Democracy Index


Last year India stood at 32nd rank and this year, it dropped downed to 42nd in the Global Democracy Index, framed by the research and analysis division of the UK-based media agency that has been in the job for more than 70 years. The survey was carried out in 165 independent countries on the basis of the functioning of the government, observance of human rights and treatment towards minorities. India has been dubbed as the flawed democracy. The agency is one of the few which conducts survey of different countries on various counts.

Since the BJP government came to power, the ranking of India is degrading in human rights and economic surveys. The survey as reported has given various grounds to evaluate the ranking. Some of the reasons mentioned are rise of conservative religious ideologies and violence against minorities, increase in vigilantism and dissenting voices that caused to down grade India. The RSS and its affiliates are aggressively spreading its religious ideologies and creating hatred against minorities. Instead of curbing these trends, the government, it seems, is following the dictates of the RSS. There is no will on the part of the government to rein in these forces.

Flawed democracy is the second to the full democracies and then comes hybrid regimes and the last is authoritarian regimes. The US is ranked 21 while Japan, France, Israel, Singapore and Hong have been ranked flawed democracy. Hybrid regimes include Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal and others. Authoritarian regimes are China, Myanmar, Russia and others. Norway has again topped the list, followed by Iceland and Sweden.


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