Defending the PM’s absurd remark on ‘pakodas’, Amit Shah also becomes a butt of jokes


The faithful lieutenant of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, also the BJP president, delivered his maiden speech in the Rajya Sabha and chose to defend his boss on a remark that even selling pakodas was a job. Not only the Congress but opposition leaders also castigated the PM for such an irresponsible and absurd answer to his interviewer when the question was put to him about the unemployment and the promise made by him during the 2014 election campaign that crores of jobs would be provided to the jobless educated youth. This was one of many promises which were not fulfilled by the NDA government. Instead many high-sounding schemes were introduced and none of them could succeed to contribute to the development of the country. No concrete programme was launched to create jobs for the youth coming out from colleges and universities. Amit Shah on February 5, while making his speech, defended the Prime Minister and flayed the former Finance Minister, P Chidambaram who questioned the logic of the Prime Minister and said that with this parameter even begging was an employment. Amit Shah said selling pakodas was not shameful, but what was shameful was to compare it with begging. The former Finance Minister did not say that selling pakodas was a shameful job. It is the mistaken assumption of the BJP leader. On the contrary, the PM degraded the august responsibility of the government to create jobs. The government cannot and should not take credit if people take up jobs as referred to by the PM. Instead of admitting his government failure to create employment, the PM asked the educated youth to take up street jobs and waste their capacity and calibre.

Having known full well that the government failed to keep its word Amit Shah had to perform his duty of defending his master who in the House was sitting beside him. He then reiterated what was repeated by the PM that a son of a tea seller became the Prime Minister of the country. Again the credit goes to the great democratic system established by the constitution of India and the successive governments, many of them belonging to the Congress. However, the PM can take credit for maneuvering to sideline his seniors when the BJP announced its PM candidate on the eve of the 2014 elections. Amit Shah listed at length the government programmes for the welfare of the people. This was exposed by the senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad who said the government claimed to be game-changer, but it was really the ‘name-changer’. The Congress leader disclosed some of them. Indira Awas Yojana became PM Awas Yojana, Nirman Bharat Abhiyan was given the title as Swachh Bharat, Basic Saving Account renamed as Jan Dhan Yojana. While these and other schemes were still to bear fruits, the government took the decision on demonetization and implemented the Congress introduced GST in a haphazard manner. The former miserably failed to achieve its objectives and gave a hell of trouble to the people at large. In the wake of it, many small businessmen closed their units redering thousands of people jobless. The GST, even after cutting tax on a number of items, is a bitter pill for traders.

The BJP leader also referred to the 2G scam and Bofors investigation to blemish the image of the Congress governments . While in the Bofors case, the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was given clean chit by the court and the plea to revive the investigation is still pending. The 2G scam which was exploited by the BJP in the last general elections to tarnish the image of the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was shattered to smithereens by the CBI court and the accused the UPA minister and the DMK leader were set free. However, Amit Shah’s speech based on misleading arguments was rewarded by the PM who showered praises on his ‘shishu’


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