Modi has no right to speak on corruption, says Siddaramaiah


Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah denied the charges levelled by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and in a sharp retort he said Modi was not morally fit for the post of Prime Minister. On February 5, the Chief Minister dubbed the Prime Minister’s address to the BJP rally as a bundle of lies. This was not becoming of the Prime Minister to speak a lie. He said it was Modi’s government whose days were numbered and not his. The popularity of the BJP and that of the Prime Minister was on the decline. In Gujarat, the BJP could not cross the century figure while the party chief Amit Shah claimed to win 150 seats. All the efforts of the Prime Minister and the party chief bore little fruit in their home state. The party was facing the same fate in Rajasthan. About corruption charges, he told the media persons that the boot was on the other foot because the corrupt leader like B S Yeddyurappa was leading the BJP. Now the PM has lost right to speak on corruption, he said.

A day before, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi castigated the Karnataka government and said the Chief Minister was on his way out and the Congress government’s days were numbered. He also said it was a 10 per cent commission government.

The Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was equally sharp in his reply and said Modi should fight polls with dignity and talk about development.


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