No govt has right to interfere in Talaq law, Sharad Pawar extends clear support to MPLB


Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill introduced by the NDA government in the wake of the Supreme Court judgment that invalidates triple talaq, was passed by the Lok Sabha where the government has comfortable majority, but it is stuck up in the Rajya Sabha where the opposition is demanding to send the Bill to the select committee. Most of the opposition parties want that suitable amendments should be made in the Bill which says that triple talaq is a crime whereas the Supreme Court order only invalidated the practice and said divorce would not occur. In this case, the exercise is futile and the futile exercise which is not causing hurt to anyone can hardly be termed as a crime. Facing the S C order which the court said was to protect the Muslim women, no political party clearly supports the Muslim version that triple talaq is condemned but allowed under extreme circumstances.

Against this backdrop, it is a bold stand of the Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar to reject the Bill totally and said that the government had no right to interfere in the Quranic law of the Muslim community. Addressing a party rally in Aurangabad on February 3, Sharad Pawar said, “Talaq is a way provided by the Quran in Islam. It is a message and no ruler has the right to interfere with it.” The draft Bill says that triple talaq attracts a jail term of three years. In drafting the Bill the government did not have consultations with any religious authority of the Muslim community. If the Bill is passed by the Rajya Sabha in the present form, it is bound to be rendered null and void by the Supreme Court. Some Muslim women who are the members of Muslim Rashtriya Manch an RSS affiliated organization, are supporting the government, but 99 per cent Muslim women are opposing the court verdict as well as the Bill.


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