Rahul Gandhi leads opposition attacks, alleges scam in Rafale deal


The opposition launched a blistering attack on the Modi government pointing out a number of flaws and non-fulfillment of various promises made on the eve of 2014 elections. Congress president Rahul Gandhi, speaking on the motion of thanks to the President address to the joint session of Parliament, tore into the government and rebutted various claims made by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said the Prime Minister spoke for one hour but did not utter a word about the Rafale deal. It was not transparent and smacked of a big scam. He said the Congress asked the government three questions: did you change the contract in Paris when the PM visited France? Did you consult the cabinet committee on security? How much has been paid for each aircraft?

Rahul Gandhi castigated the Prime Minister for not fulfilling his promise on providing jobs to the unemployed youth. The government did not do anything for the farmers and they were forced to commit suicide. He also expressed anguish for frequent cease fire violation by Pakistan and the Chinese build up at Doklam. The Prime Minister is obsessed with the Congress and spent lot of time in criticizing the former ruling party. He had little time to think about the country and to take it on the path of progress. Earlier speaking to press persons outside Parliametary building, he said the Prime Minister made a campaign speech why replying to the motion of thanks.

Sonia Gandhi said the Prime Minister did not say anything to conclude that he was worried about the country. He concentrated on the past and avoided the future. The youth are disappointed about their jobs but the government is least bothered about it.

The Congress leader Ahmed Patel said the government dug the pits and never levelled them. The disappointing policies have frustrated even the allies of the government like Shiv Sena, Shrimani Akali Dal and Telugu Desam Party.

Sanjay Singh from the Aam Aadmi Party said the Modi government harassed the elected government of Delhi. He said Rs 8.55 lakh crore was given to the corporate companies as a loan.


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