The encounter-happy Uttar Pradesh saw the worst hike in communal violence


Despite the high-sounding claim by the Modi government that it has been maintaining law and order, the fact remains that there is rise in communal violence throughout the country. Law and order is a state subject but it is also true that minorities are being targeted in the BJP-ruled state. The RSS and its affiliates are instigating communal feelings and creating hatred between Hindus and Muslims when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi always takes pride in raising the slogan, “Sub ka sath, sub ka vikas.” Violence against Muslim minority has become a usual features in the pretext of beef and ‘love jihad’. Gau Rakshaks are harassing, beating and even killing Muslim cattle traders, but hardly anybody is booked or punished. The government figures have shown the rise in communal violence. On February 7, facts and figures were presented in Parliament. The Union Minister of State for Home, Hansraj Ahir said in the year 2017, 822 communal riots occurred in which 111 persons were killed. The 2016 figures were 703 riots claiming 751 lives. In communal riots, Uttar Pradesh has surpassed all other states. People have not forgotten the promise made by the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath last year that his first priority would be law and order. In 2017, 195 communal incidents claimed 44 lives. Kasganj in the state saw the recent violence in which one person was killed. The town is still in the grip of tension.

The state, apparently on the instructions of the CM, has adopted an unusual modus operandi of killing criminals in encounters. The police swoop on the hideouts of the criminals who carry rewards on their heads and challenge them to surrender or face death. Since Yogi Adityanath came to power, 900 encounters happened in which 34 criminals were killed. These encounters also claimed the lives of four cops. At this rate it is three encounters daily. The Chief Minister said they were countering bullet with bullet. But he should understand that it is not the way to curb the crimes. The Chief Minister is turning the rule of law into the rule of bullet. The National Human Rights Commission has sent man notices to the government. The commission said even if the law and order situation is grave in the state, the authorities cannot resort to measures that may result in extrajudicial killings of alleged criminals.


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