After Gujarat and Rajasthan, desperate PM obsessed with Cong targets it inside and outside India


During election campaign, a political party is duty-bound to castigate and target the rival parties, but having won the elections and being settled in the PM seat, if one makes it a point to criticize a rival party day in and day out, there is something peculiar with him. It is the case of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is nowadays availing every possible opportunity to blast the Congress and its leadership from the first Prime Minister Nehru to the Congress president Rahul Gandhi. First it is election fever he is suffering from for the coming assembly polls and the general elections 2019 and then the most pricking factor is the party’s escaping from the hands of defeat in Gujarat assembly elections and its outright rejection by the people in Rajasthan by polls recently. After winning a grand victory in the 2014 elections, the win went to his head and he targeted the Congress, a defeated lot, in every forum and even during his foreign visits forgetting the fact that the practice would tarnish the image of the county. Rahul Gandhi had to retort when he exposed the miserable failures of the Modi government during his US tour. Now the PM is desperately scared over the woefully poor performance of the party and he turned obsessed with the Congress. He is continuously flaying the party least realizing where he his speaking. In Oman, while speaking to the Indian diaspora at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex on February 11, he railed at the Congress and said the Congress regime harmed India’s image. He said that the BJP worked hard to bring out the country from the phase of misgoverance.

On February 7, while addressing in Parliament during the motion of thanks to the President’s speech to the joint session, he took for granted that distinguished members of the House were the persons attending his poll rally. He asked the Congress whether the opposition party  wanted the old India marked by Emergency and Sikh riots or the new India that the BJP was trying to create. And now the new India that the BJP has created has been witnessed by everyone. Four years are over and not a single promise made by the ruling party was fulfilled. Make in India, Skill India, Strart-up India and other high-sounding schemes are still to yield results. The economy is moving on snail’s pace. When asked about the employment, the PM indirectly advised the jobless youth to sell pakoda. Soldiers are being killed on the line of control and the Army general says they have power to teach a lesson to Pakistan. The RSS chief Mohan Bagwath is openly insulting the Army by claiming that his men will take less time to be battle-ready than the military. The demonetization brought havoc on the people and spoiled the economic growth. Petrol, diesel and other essential commodities prices are touching new heights. The situation is getting so worse that allies like Shiv Sena and TDP have taken on the Prime Minister more than once. On the social front, Muslim minority and Dalits have become the victim of fatal attacks by the Gau Rakshaks who are rampaging the scene despite verbal rebuke by the Prime Minister. Hinduthva leaders and BJP MPs are asking Muslims to leave India and go to Pakistan. The party is least bothered about this tongue-lashing against the minority. The government ignoring constitutional norms brought out a bill on triple talaq, a gross intervention into the religious affairs of the Muslim minority. The opposition is questioning the ‘good governance’ of the Prime Minister but he is keeping mum. His oratory skill is aggressive when he denigrates the Congress and questions the contribution of the first Prime Minister of India.

At the moment, the PM’s great worry is the fact that the Congress is turning over a new leaf and attracting the attention of the people while marching ahead under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi.


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