Bhagwat belittles the Indian army with his controversial remark


Mohan Bhagwat, the Chief of the RSS, is a prominent Sangh leader who more often than not is in the eye of the storm with his irresponsible remarks. He reiterated that the majority of Muslims in India are the descendents of the Hindus. While the fact may be that the majority of them are of Indian descent, at present it is irrelevant because centuries ago they embraced Islam and they and their generations have a Muslim identity. What is the meaning behind repeating such absurd statements?

Now he created a new controversy by saying that the RSS was better prepared to fight than the army. When the RSS would take only three days to be battle-ready, the Army would take a longer time, he said. It is nothing but denigration of the Army. The opposition demanded an apology from him for putting the Army in poor light. When the opposition leaders got shriller in their protest, he said he never meant anything wrong against the Army. He wanted to show the feeling of the RSS over the repeated attacks of the Pak militants in Jammu and Kashmir. Recently the Pak terrorists attacked the Sunjuwan military camp where five Army men were killed. He made the remark while speaking to his party leaders in Muzaffarpur.

He said the constitution did not allow them to fight on the border or otherwise the RSS men were ready to fight for their motherland. He said the measures taken to stop such attacks did not yield results. The RSS was not a military organization but its discipline is as strict as that of the military, he said. The RSS or any other organization should not make such claims. The Army has its own duty and no civil organization should replace it on the war field.


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