Muslim Personal Law Board sticks to its guns, says no change in Babri stand


In the 3-day meeting of the Muslim Personal Law Board held in Hyderabad, it was declared that on the Babri mosque, there is no change in the stand of the board. Giving details of the discussions to media, the general secretary Maulana Wali Rahmani said according to the Islamic ‘shareeyat’ (the principle of the religion) the place of the mosque could not be shifted. The board would not speak to anybody to find out of court compromise. If anybody was doing so he had no connection with the board, he said. The Board would wait for the verdict of the Supreme Court and would abide by it. The board is fully equipped to fight the case in the Supreme Court. The Board strongly condemned the government Bill on triple talaq and said it was blatant intervention in the personal law. He said on triple talaq the Board would create awareness among the Muslims that no one should resort to instantaneous triple talaq as it is the crude and unwanted way of giving divorce.

Speaking about Maulana Syyad Salman Nadvi’s stand that the place of the mosque could be shifted, Maulana Rahmani said it was his personal stand and the Board had nothing to do about it. The committee that was set up to probe into his deviation recommended sacking him and therefore his membership was terminated.

Maulana Salman Nadvi who spoke to media persons said he met the founder of the Art of Living Sri Sri Ravi Shankar without the knowledge of the Board and he said that his meeting was a part of his efforts to find out the solution to the dispute beyond the court. He said the mosque could be constructed away from the disputed place. He was trying to create a consensus on the issue, he said.


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