Hadiya’s plea to Supreme Court merits consideration


It is yet another case of so-called ‘Love Jihad’ that received wide publicity across media and is now pending with the Supreme Court. A Hindu girl from Kerala married a Muslim boy and converted to Islam. As far as their ages are concerned both are majors. They are legally entitled to marry and convert to the religion they like. However, the BJP with the support of the Sangh Parivar is leaving no stone unturned to make a foothold in the state where it so far has no political identity. The atmosphere has been polluted with communal feelings. This aggressive attitude of the BJP is also leading to political violence. The father of the girl Asokan refused to acknowledge the fact that her daughter married a Muslim boy. He argued that it was case of Love Jihad. He approached the High Court where her husband Shafin Jehan defended himself and argued that they married out of their own free will. It was strange enough that the court admitted the Love Jihad story. The marriage was made null and void and the girl was given under the control of her father.
The husband had to knock the door of the Supreme Court. It was the Apex court that came to his rescue. The Supreme Court said that no court could annul the marriage if it is performed between the two major persons. However the case is still pending and the counsel of the father is arguing that the marriage was performed under pressure and there is a network in Kerala working for extremists Muslims. The girl was sent to the college hostel to complete her homoeopathy course. She was allowed to meet her husband. The final verdict of the Supreme Court is awaited.

Now Hadiya approached the Supreme Court with a plea that she be allowed to live with her husband. She also pleaded that she wants to remain Muslim. It is expected that the court would hear her plea soon.


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