Hate crime accused has freedom in Rajasthan jail to make videos


Rajasthan has gained notoriety for hate crimes and fatal activities of Gau Rakshaks. If  criminals are arrested and put behind the bars, here also they have full liberty to indulge in their criminal activities. At least an incident from the Jodhpur Central jail reported on February 20 confirms this presumption. Shambh Lal Raigar who is lodged in the central jail committed a heinous crime of hacking a Muslim labourer and burning him alive. He is still engaged in his criminal activities. The fault of the victim was that he was a Muslim. He hates Muslims he said because the members of the community commit ‘Love Jihad’. It is the Sangh Parivar that coined the phrase to tarnish the image of the minority community. Inter-faith or inter-caste marriages are not a new phenomenon. Singling out Muslims is a conspiracy to target Muslims only. As these marriages are allowed, anyone who goes for it commits no crime. Members of the affected family according to their thinking and social attitude may object to it, but a community should not be blamed.

However the Sangh Parivar has made the practice of making a mountain of a molehill to the extent that even courts are also taking the factor into account. Cases are pending not only in lower courts but even in High Courts and the Supreme Court.

Raigar got media coverage for his heinous crime. Now he is cooling his heels in the jail but his criminal mentality created by the RSS and its affiliates is not at rest. He must have availed the liberty given to him by the jail authorities and made a video and uploaded it. In this video he condemned the so-called love Jihad and urged the Hindus to unite against Jihadis. Here Jihadis mean common Muslims, because the person whom he targeted never indulged in a ‘love jihad’. He was killed because he was a Muslim.

Police filed an FIR and are investigating how he made the video in jail. Action will be taken against Raigar, but there are many a Raigar in our society and they are the products of the Sangh Parivar.


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