48 months Vs 48 years: PM wants to evaluate his rule with the Congress regimes forgetting blunders committed by him


Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, arrogated himself to be the best head of the government since Independence and with this illusion he asked the people attending a public meeting at Puducherry on February 25 to compare his rule that would complete 48 months in May with the 48 years when the Congress PMs were at the helm of affairs. He said the Congress PMs Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi did not give anything to the country when the BJP government under his stewardship changed the face of the country for the better. He criticized the Congress government of the Union territory which according to him was bankrupt. Addressing a public meeting whether it is a poll rally or not, he condemned the Congress and now no one should be wondered for castigation of the former ruling party because it is already election season. Elections  will be held for some state assemblies and then the Lok Sabha polls will be conducted in 2019 and there is strong speculation that the general elections will be advanced.

Now when the crucial Lok Sabha elections are only about 14 months away, the PM has thrown the gauntlet to gauge his achievements with those of the Congress. What the Congress achieved is not only known to the people of the country but the whole world. If India was known as the greatest democracy of the world it is because of the Congress rule since the first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal, who lifted the image of the newly independent country in the international comity. He led the non-alignment movement when few countries could dare the Soviet Union and the United State of America, the leaders of the rival groups of nations. Indira Gandhi made Green Revolution possible and the country which got foreign food aid started stockpiling of grains. Rajiv Gandhi ushered in IT revolution. The Manmohan Singh government saw the highest economic growth which nosedived today. The first NDA government which came to power under the leadership of Attal Behari Vajpayee improved the bilateral relations between India and Pakistan, which touched the nadir today. The BJP came to power with high sounding claims, but all proved empty and hallow.

Narendra Modi took the people for a ride when he sold dreams to them, but four years later no promise was kept, people are still waiting with anguish and repentance. Not a single concrete programme was taken up. The flagship progarmme Swachh Bharat was launched, but hardly any change was noticed in cleanliness in our individual and collective life. The PM admitted that the motto could not be achieved without the cooperation of the people at large. Skill India and Startup India have hardly produced any positive result. Crores of Jan Dhan accounts were opened but almost half of them are empty. The main promise of the Prime Minister was to give corruption free society, but the people are angrily sour that corrupt businessmen and others are allowed to leave the country after they succeeded to transfer hundreds of cores to foreign land. When Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya were cocking a snook at the intelligence network, now Nirav Modi, a billionaire jeweler fled the country. He was not an ordinary individual but a person who attended the Davos meeting of global investors along with the Prime Minister. Within a week more than 22K crore, the hard earned money of the tax payers, disappeared from the country. People and businessmen suffered a lot due to the demonetization and the haphazard introduction of the GST, but the government is adamantly defending the erring policies that caused the slow pace of economic growth.

You may say the government is woefully inefficient, but on the other side it is wonderfully efficient when it comes to supporting the RSS and its affiliates to harass and browbeat the minorities and Dalits who are facing verbal and fatal physical attacks. Social tension has gripped the combination of these communities which accounts for more than 40 per cent of the total population. The Prime Minister practically turned a blind eye to this worst side and that is why he is still making big claims. The coming elections will show him that the people have awaken to the harsh ground reality to force the BJP to bite dust in the coming elections.



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