Goondas are calling shots in India, says Justice Katju


Justice Katju, former Supreme Court judge and former chairman of Press Council of India is known for issuing statements on current issues and while doing so uses the harshest language. After a long lull, recently he talked to a regional channel. He said India was in the hands of goondas. He referred to the French Revolution and said as the so-called aristocrats were guillotined we have to do the same with the goondas. No doubt the language used by him crossed the limits of a usual debate on our channels, his honesty is above the board. The politicians in the ruling parties or the opposition are acting not in the interest of the country or the people but only to achieve selfish gains. From Bofors to 2G spectrum the charges to damage the Congress image (in both cases the court gave a clean chit to the accused) to Lalit Modi and Nirav Modi, corruption is ruling the roost.

Lalu Prasad Yadav and his family members are facing corruption charges and Rashtra Janta Dal leader is claiming that the allegations were baseless and it a political vendetta by the BJP government at the centre which is using all the agencies at its disposal to demolish the opposition. The BJP is making high-sounding claims that it is fighting corruption, but BS Yeddyuruppa, the Chief Minister of the former BJP government in Karnataka faced serious corruption charges, but got clean chit from the court. However, the Supreme Court allowed to reopen the case. Knowing full well about the fact the BJP made him the face of the Chief Minister in Karanataka assembly poll. No serious effort has been made by the BJP to filter the criminals while filing their nominations for the elections. While making hue and cry about corruption, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to pass the Lok Pal bill that put even the Prime Minister in the dock if the charges are levelled against him. All words but no action, seems to be the policy of the Prime Minister.


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