PM’s hollow slogans on curbing corruption


Prime Minister Narendra Modi since the very beginning, when he took charge of the BJP poll campaign in 2014, made  corruption his main issue to tarnish the image of the Congress. He promised that his first priority would be to make the society corruption-free. About four years are over, no progress has been recorded to achieve the goal. Of course no central minister has been charged with graft, but corruption is on the rise in the administration. The fraudsters are allowed to loot the banks and flee from the country. The specially favoured class is the corporate world which got the bank loans up to more than 5 lakh core with little hope that the huge funds would be returned back. On the other hand the farmers got bank loans to the tune of a little over one lakh crore. They are trying to pay back and when they failed, they commit suicide. When Lalit Modi of the IPL and the liquor baron Vijay Mallya with the charges of money laundering and bank fraud of cores of rupees are enjoying in foreign countries, now a billionaire jeweller Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Chowksi were allowed to flee the country after they looted the Punjab NAtionalBank to the extent of about 22k crore.

India has been ranked 81st in the global corruption perception index for 2017, released by Berlin-based non-governmental organization, Transparency International (TI). The index ranks 180 countries by their perceived levels of corruption in administration. In 2016, India was at the 79th place among 176 countries. It means during the Modi rule, the level of corruption hiked. Is it not an irony that during the Karnataka poll campaign the Prime Minister is yet seen mocking at the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and alleging that he is running a 10 per cent commission government. Should he not see the mirror before levelling such charges? Of course people will show him his face in the mirror of corruption in the Karnataka poll.



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