CPM should see reason to adjust with the Congress


The Communist Party (Marxist) has seldom acted with political wisdom and it was always driven by the Marxist philosophy to refuse to observe ground reality in India. The party no doubt made a history by ruling the West Bengal for about 25 years but lost by following illogical policies. It was not the Congress but the Trinamool Congress that dislodged it. There is hardly any chance to come back to power in West Bengal. In Kerala it is at present ruling. Here people alternately choose either the alliance led by the CPM or the Congress. It was ruling the tiny North-East state of Tripura where in the recently concluded elections, the BJP routed the party. In real sense, it is the only big win of the BJP in the region. The arrogance of the party is evident from the fact that CPM did not choose to ally with either CPI or RSP, the Left colleagues. After ruling the state for 25 years, the party could get only 16 against 35 of the BJP. The Congress drew blank in Tripura as well as Nagaland. Congress emerged as the single largest party with 21 in Meghalaya, but the NPP winning 19 seats formed the government and the BJP with 2 seats was included in the government.

The BJP is perceived a Hindu-Hindi party and generally considered against the minorities, still the  Christian-dominated Tripura and Nagaland gave space to it. CPM politburo member Hannan Mollah said that no doubt the party passed a resolution that it would have no truce with the Congress, but after defeat in Tripura, they were facing a tough situation. They will consider changing he resolution, he said. If the communal policies of the BJP are to be confronted with all force to save the country, the CPM should learn a lesson to adjust with the Congress.


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