KCR’s Third Front, may or may not be a conspiracy, but will sure weaken the Congress, secular forces


On 3rd March, K Chandrasekhar Rao, the Telangana Chief Minister sprung a surprise that he would form a Third Front against the BJP and the Congress, and he must have been ecstatic after receiving positive response from few political parties including the Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee. It is reported that Mamata Banerjee herself was mulling over for quite some time to stitch a Third Front. West Bengal Chief Minister from the very beginning has been opposing the NDA policies and finding fault with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on various counts that the Central government did not fulfill the promises made on the eve of 2014 elections, failed to provide jobs to the educated youth, misguided economic policies leading to slow growth, mindless demonetization and haphazard introduction of GST, Gau Rakshak violence against the Muslim community and Dalits. No doubt the Telangana Chief Minister alleged that justice was not done to his state and the promises on bifurcation were not kept, but he never raised a voice of protest, leave alone blasting the Centre on any national issue. At the fag end of the NDA government he remembered that the Modi government did nothing for the farmers.

How this sudden change occurred and a wish to become a national leader arose when the goal to realize the dream of golden Telangana still appears far away, is a million dollar question.  Many projects are still to be accomplished, even bifurcation blues are still looming. No doubt some steps were taken for the welfare of the farmers but the state is still second as far as the number of farmers’ suicides is concerned. How he can put the blame at the door of the central government that it did not have soft corner for the peasants? Some said it was a conspiracy with the BJP to weaken the Congress and secular forces in the country. It is a national plot to divide votes and help the BJP come to power, say some political pundits. Even if we reject this reckless charge, it is a logical stand that any alliance sans the Congress is bound to divide the secular votes and this means a smooth sailing for the BJP. No one needs to teach this simple mathematics to the seasoned politician like K Chandrasekhar Rao. On the state politics, he is within his rights to oppose the BJP and the Congress as both are his rivals.

Only the allegation that the Congress and the BJP failed to take up farmer-friendly policies cannot prompt anyone to jump into the national fray particularly a leader who learnt his political lessons by successfully running a movement for a separate state. He is known on national level for this movement only. It will take a long time for him to build up his image on national scenario. Many leaders more popular than KCR in their regions like K Karunanidhi, Jayalalithaa and Navin Patnaik and others never aspired to play a national role. The Modi government failed on all fronts and it is vitiating the communal atmosphere of the country and making apparent attempts to drift the country to Hindutva. These are the main driving causes that compel all secular political parties to oppose the BJP. K Chandrasekhar Rao never spoke a word about them, neither now nor in the past. How a leader who is reported to be taking lessons from his MP K Keshav Rao who definitely has a vast experience of national politics when he was in the Congress, can be expected to lead the nation. He should understand that only the alliance which has the Congress as a leading partner can stop the juggernaut of the BJP. In this game plan, the main players are SP, RJD and BSP. Only future will show how these secular parties form their strategy to demolish the dreadful dream of the BJP in 2019 elections.


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