Myanmar being repeated in Sri Lanka?


It is a matter of extreme anguish for Muslims all over the world that in Sri Lanka Sinhalese Buddhists who form the majority ethnic group rampaged dozens of Muslims’ mosques, businesses and houses forcing the government to impose Emergency on 6th March. Two persons were killed, hundreds of houses were damaged and dozens of mosques were set on fire. It was the government’s unbiased attitude that brought the situation under control. It would be slight exaggeration to say that Myanmar is being reenacted in Sri Lanka. But for the government alert and immediate action the Sinhalese used restraint or else the island would have turned into Myanmar. The suppressed Rohyngya Muslim minority migrated to the adjoining Bangladesh. The irony of the circumstances is that the noble laureate Aang Saan Suki, the civil administrator played spectator amid the global demand that her Noble distinction should be withdrawn.

India’s reaction was also very disappointing when Myanmar was burning and the government said it was adamant to send Rohingyas back to their native place. The BJP said lakhs of Rohingyas staying in India may prove a security risk for the country. This apprehension was disputed and rejected by majority of the people who are realistic. However, the Muslim world reaction to the Rohingyas misery was not up to the mark.

The social scenario, in Mayanmar and Sri Lanka is the same. The Buddhists whose religion is based on core principle of peace and love are turning illogically aggressive rather terrorists. When Kandy district of the island was rocked by the communal violence, the government sprung to action, quite contrary to Myanmar where the military butchered Rohingya Muslims on ethnic cleansing scale and not houses but the colonies of Muslims were bulldozed so the Royangya Muslims could not come back to their native place.


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