North-East: Media trumpeting the small win as a big triumph


Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland add up to a mere 0.70 per cent of India’s population, more or less equivalent to three Lok Sabha seats. Among these three states, the BJP got absolute win in Tripura and in other states it will be part of the alliance. The media particularly the electronic one is trumpeting the win as the BJP sweep in the North-East or the Sangh rising in the region. The win or defeat should be presented in its correct prospective, but it seems media, of course a large portion of it, is more jubilant than the party workers themselves. The viewers and readers have almost lost their faith in the fourth estate. During Emergency, it was said that when media was asked to bend, it started crawling. L K Advani who passed this remark, was angry at that time but he must have been happy now that media is serving the cause of the ruling class, of course not with the fear of any Emergency but after receiving the price for freedom of press.

However, the area is small, but strategically is important because it is adjoining the neighbouring countries. The most important win is that of Tripura where the BJP had not created a space for it, but now emerged as a ruling party. In the first blessing for the party, the BJP got 35 out of 60 seats, a comfortable majority. The outgoing CPM managed 16. The credit should go to the BJP state chief Biplap Kumar Deb who left no stone unturned to expose the failures of the Communist Government and he became the Chief Minister.  CPM’s more than two decades rule did little to promote the region and give jobs to the youths. CPM was so proud that it rejected alliance even with Left parties, the CPI and the RSP. Under such circumstances, the fall of the ruling party was but natural. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the BJP MPs at the Parliamentary Party meeting on March 6 said it was an ideological win for the party. He wanted to stress the RSS philosophy but it is a wishful thinking. You will come across very few people who know the name of Mohan Bhagawat. They were taken for a ride by the BJP which made a series of promises. If Biplab Kumar Deb followed the Prime Minister and did not fulfill the promises, the fall of the government will be sooner than later. The CPM should come out of its self-made shell. The success has gone to the head of the BJP workers as they, after the result, went on a rampage and demolished two statues of Lenin. It is RSS philosophy that no statue of a foreigner should be set up in India. Such acts should be strongly condemned.

In Nagaland, the National Democratic Progressive Party got 17 out of 60 while the BJP won 12 seats and both these parties will form the government while the Naga People’s Front winning 27 will be in the opposition.  The same way, in Meghalaya, the single largest party Congress which got 21 will be sitting in the opposition while Conrad Sangma, son of P A Sangma, the former Lok Sabha speaker, is forming the government with five parties. His NPP won 19 seats and the BJP got only 2. The BJP made a mark, but could not come with a remarkable performance to deserve the heap of praise poured on it by the media.


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