1765 lawless lawmakers waiting their fate in pending court cases


India is the largest democracy in the world and the political parties are contributing their mite to keep the flag of democracy flying high. However, it is a bitter pill to swallow that political parties have lost the fervor of honesty and straight forwardness and are craving for power. In elections these parties want to win the polls by hook or by crook. In the process the parties are choosing the candidates who can win the poll with fair or foul means. The criminals, industrial tycoons, land grabbers and underworld dons are embraced and tickets are given to them ignoring their service to the party.

The election commission tried its best to reform the laws and filter the lawless persons from jumping into the fray, but almost all parties opposed the proposals put forth by the commission. Hence criminal cases are pending against many MLAs, MLCs and MPs. The Supreme Court sought the details of such cases so that special courts could be set up for these cases.

It is reported on March 11, that 1765 MLAs, MLCs and MPs are facing criminal cases against them. This information was given by the government to the Supreme Court. Uttar Pradesh tops the list with 248 legislators, Tamil Nadu comes second with 178 then Bihar follows with 144. Is this not the stigma on the forehead of our democracy? The government gave its affidavit to set up special courts to deal with these cases. The question arises as to why these persons are chosen to contest the elections. They seldom file correct information while filing their nominations.


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