MP govt plays spectator as boundary wall of a mission hospital is demolished, nuns manhandled by Hindu activists


Madhya Pradesh is considered a hotbed of Hindu activists and Sangh Parivar affiliates who are notorious for their violent activists against Christians and when they get government support, they do not hesitate to attack public utility units like hospitals. The incident of demolishing a boundary wall of a mission hospital occurred on March 12 in the temple town of Ujjain. When the staff including nuns came forward to resist and safeguard the hospital property, they were also violently manhandled. Power generation was disconnected putting the lives of about 200 patients in the hospital at grave risk.

In a land dispute, the goons were supporting an assistant of a local MP. The land in front of the hospital was given to the hospital authorities for vehicle parking and to promote greenery. This January, the assistant of the BJP MP claimed that the land belonged to him and the hospital was illegally grabbing it. The hospital authorities got a stay from the court. However the lower court on March 8 lifted the stay order observing that the investigation was going on smoothly. Apprehending that the supporters of the BJP leader would start trouble, hospital authorities approached the court to procure stay order again. This provoked the attack.

Archbishop Leo Comelio of Bhopal said the attack was part of a systematic plan to bring disturbances and violence among a peace-loving community of Christians. He demanded the arrest of the criminal without any loss of time. A Catholic delegation led by the Bishop Vadakkel met the state governor Anandiben Patel and sought protection of the Christian community. The barbarism at the hospital shows the real face of the BJP goons who for their selfish interests would go to any extent.


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