Opposition unity, the only antidote to remove the ailment inflicting the nation


The ruling party at the centre, the BJP, came to power with a promise to treat the ailment that was tearing into the body politic and that according to the party leaders was the Congress. Corruption was the main disease that was making the country hollow and weak. The ruling party failed to deliver a single promise including removing the graft. A global survey said the corruption graph has risen in the administration. The corporate sector, including the banks, has become the cesspool of corrupt practice. Lalit Modi to Nirav Modi, the high profile business tycoons are looting the banks and fleeing the country. And this loot is in thousands of crores of rupees. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed on the corruption front. The political parties in particular the Congress alleged that the government suffered thousands of crore loss in the purchase of fighter jets Rafale from France. As usual the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is keeping mum and no other leader is in a position to counter the serious charge. The charge has been levelled against the BJP government but no convincing answer was coming. This is a story of Modi government which claims that it is curbing corruption.

The government also failed to deliver on other promises and prominent one among them was providing more than one crore jobs to jobless youth every year. The number of unemployed youth has risen fourfold but the opening for the employment is woefully narrow. At the fag end of the tenure, the Modi government now remembered the farmers and the currently concluded budget assured on the proper minimum support price to the farmers. Instead of opening of employment vistas, by opting for demonetization, the government caused  the closure of thousands of jobs and small traders and builders had to shut shops.

The government has given free hand to Gau Rakshaks who are harassing and killing people from Muslim minority and Dalits. On the pretext of giving protection to Muslim women, the government interfered with the Muslim Personal Law and introduced a Bill against the instant triple Talaq while Muslim women are protesting against the Bill throughout the country. The school and college text books are being distorted to give importance to Sangh leaders. Wrong economic policies have slowed down the growth rate. None of the high-sounding and prestigious projects could click so far. Such government should be called an ailment for the country. The only antidote is the unity in the opposition leaders. It was to achieve this objective of unity that the Congress Chairperson Sonia Gandhi hosted a dinner on March 12 at her residence. During their informal talks they agreed to come together to defeat the BJP. The popularity index of the BJP is on the down slide in the Modi’s home state of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Even the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has started losing his mass base soon after becoming the Chief Minister. The two Lok Sabha seats including one Gorakhpur which was represented by the CM for more than two decades, went to the Samajwadi Party Party in bypoll. This time the BSP supported the Samajwadi Party. The BJP swept the assembly poll only because of the trifurcation of votes. Leaders from 20 political parties responded to the meeting called by the chairperson of the UPA. If the unity card is played well the BJP is sure to lose power at the centre in 2019 election.


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