“Was India a giant black hole before May 16, 2014”? Sonia Gandhi asks Prime Minister Narendra Modi


It is a pertinent question put to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, by the chairperson of the UPA Sonia Gandhi, when she spoke to India Today Conclave on March 9. It is a known fact that  the Prime Minister will not give answer to her. He proves himself the best speaker of the day when he addresses election rallies but when the country witnesses some difficult situation or when the nation faces some odd incident particularly due to the mismanagement of the central government, he keeps mum. Otherwise active on Twitter, no tweet will be available on such occasion. Currently Nirav Modi and his accomplices looted the Punjab National Bank of hundred of crores and fled the country. Modi did not think it fit to speak a word about it. Allegations were levelled against the government about the Rafale fighter deal, he did not speak. People were anxiously awaiting his answer in the Nirav Modi case because the main fraudster appeared in PM’s group photo in Davos global investors meet. He left the people to decide for themselves.

The Gau Rakshaks were harassing and killing Dalits and Muslims on the pretext of safeguarding cow, the sacred animal for Hindus. After many fatal incidents, he warned the Gau Rakshaks against the butchering activities. When the reckless and criminally irresponsible Gau Rakshaks ignored his warning, he helplessly said the state governments should take action against them. It is irony that even after the PM warning and his fiat to the state governments, the reports keep coming that the savage activities of the cow vigilantes are still on. These incidents mostly occurred in the BJP ruled states. It means these states know which instruction of the PM should be abided and which better ignored.

Sonia Gandhi asked the question only because the PM seldom missed an opportunity to blast the Congress governments in the past on this or that pretext. He even targeted the first PM of the country Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and said it would have been better if Sardar Patel would have become the Prime Minister. Of course, Mahatama Gandhi supported the candidature of Jawaharlal Nehru, but Sardar Patel was outnumbered in the Congress executive meeting. There was smooth cooperation between the two stalwarts, but the opposition for Nehru was born out of deep-rooted bias on the part of the RSS against Nehru. The Prime Minister continued his tirade against the Congress even on his sojourns in foreign countries. When the Congress President Rahul Gandhi countered the charges against his party while abroad, the BJP made it a mountain of a molehill and said the Congress leader was tarnishing the image of the country in foreign lands. With all its faults and flaws, it has been the Congress that gave the country a place of pride in constellation of the global nations.

It is nothing but lunatic thinking that only the Modi government made India known in the world and the BJP leaders followed their icon and cried from the rooftops that what India is today is only by the dint of the Prime Minister’s work. Therefore it was a pertinent question of Sonia Gandhi whether India was a black hole before May 16, 2014 when the Modi government took charge. It is nothing but an attempt to befool the people and distort the history of the country. Now the people have understood the motive behind PM’s charges against the Congress. By levelling false allegations on the Congress, the PM has exposed himself.

About her party’s defeat in 2014, Sonia Gandhi said her party was outmarketed by the BJP. For the first time, the BJP or for that matter any political party in India captured the media, a big portion of it, for monetary consideration and money was spent like water to make Modi’s speeches successful. With a plethora of false promises he took people for a ride. None of the promises made by Narendra Modi was fulfilled.

She was confident when she said the BJP would be defeated and not allowed to recapture power again. The hollow claims of ‘acche din’ of the ruling party will fail like the ‘shining India’ promised by the Vajpayee government which was defeated in 2004 by the Congress, she was confident.


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