False love for Ambedkar: PM misguiding people for poll gain


Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has always misguided people particularly while addressing election rallies. Degrading the value of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, a programme to talk to students, he did not hesitate to tell lies in this information-oriented schedule of All India Radio. He is supposed to give advice to the youth to build their future, but he tried to gain their sympathy for the BJP and his government. On March 25, he told the youth that Bhim Rao Ambedkar was a great person who advised us to promote industries. In the light of the teaching of Ambedkar, he initiated Make In India. The fact of the matter is that promotion of industries was not the priority of Ambhedkar’s teachings. His priorities included abolishing the caste system in India, a historic flaw of Hinduism. He devoted his life to abolish this religious-based practice of Hindus. He provided reservations for the SCs, STs and BCs in the constitution. Now reservations have become the bone contention and the RSS, the fountain of philosophy that is religiously followed by the Prime Minister, openly opposed the reservations. He did not speak about the contradiction between the RSS teaching and the philosophy of Ambedkar.

He said Ambedkar faced many hurdles to go ahead in his life because many people tried to pull him down. He did not explain that the people who became obstacles for him were those who believed in the caste system and the RSS spread the message of the system based on Manu Smiriti that initiated caste system in the society. The Prime Minister said the government would start Gram Swaraj Abhiyan from April 14, the birth anniversary, of Baba Sahib Ambedkar, to May 5. Meanwhile, a serious issue erupted that exposed the false love of the BJP with Baba Sahib Ambedkar.

In a recent judgment, the Supreme Court observed that the Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe (Prevention of atrocities) Act was being misused and therefore asked the police to make preliminary inquiry before making arrest of a person against whom complaint was lodged. Before this direction, the police was authorized to arrest the alleged accused in the wake of the complaint. This instruction was given to protect the public servants. This amendment brought about by the Apex Court stirred emotions across India. It is a fact that the government did not oppose the observation of the court and the changes ordered by the judges. The court should have been told that the caste system was abolished by our constitution, but still high-caste people ignored the constitutional warning and discrimination is meted out to Dalits. They are subjected to shameful insults. In many villages they are not allowed to fetch water from the wells used by the high-caste people. This is a bitterly stark reality and there is need to strictly enforce the law. Instead the court made the law ineffective on the pretext that it was misused.

The Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi tweeted that the government should file a review petition before the court. The Congress leaders opposed the new provisions strongly and said the government should resort to review petition without any loss of time. Other opposition leaders including D Raja of the CPM found fault with the government for playing spectator while Supreme Court was hearing the case. D Raja also said the government was appropriating Ambedkar since it came to power. While the Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said the government was studying the judgment, the BJP Dalit leader B Solankar Sashtry said it was a serious issue and the government should approach the Supreme Court. He said in 90 per cent cases the accused are set free.

It is worth mentioning here that last July the Supreme Court issued directions to prevent the misuse of Section 498A of Indian Penal Code (Anti-dowry law). Earlier the police was authorized to make arrest of the accused as named in the FIR. Now the court withdrew this power of the law. Now the Family Welfare Committees would be set up in every state and the arrest can only be made after consulting these government panels. The women have expressed their grave concerns over this amendment. Such reviews of the court should have been opposed by the government.


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