Modi government dotting establishment with RSS men: Rahul Gadhi


In a stormy poll campaign in Karnataka, the Congress President Rahul Gandhi tore into the Modi government and said communal atmosphere was being created by planting RSS men in every department. Addressing a poll rally at Devengere, he said these RSS men are polluting the atmosphere with communal feelings and damaging the secular democratic fabric of the country. He said the Congress is the symbol of secularism working for the people of all religions and all minorities while the BJP regime was dividing people on the line of religion and working with religious bias. It seems the RSS was ruling the country in the name of the BJP. The BJP may follow the RSS but the functioning of the government should be above the religious feeling. The strength of the country is in the unity in diversity, he said.

He lambasted the government for not creating jobs for the youths who were completely disappointed. He said China was creating 50000 jobs daily while India under the BJP rule is providing only 450 jobs within 24 hours. He said these jobless youths would teach a lesson to the BJP government in the 2019 elections. He said demonetization was imposed even when the Reserve Bank chairman opposed it. The unwise and unwarranted move abolished lakhs of jobs and small traders were very much affected adversely. The wrong economic policies slowed down the growth but the government was denying the fact.

He lauded the welfare schemes of the Congress government in the state. He said the Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, won the hearts of the people and he would win the elections with vast margin. The BP is making every effort to wrest power from the Congress but it is an uphill task for the ruling party at the centre.


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