Amit Shah’s political discourse has gone to the dogs


The BJP president Amit Shah is neither a mass leader nor a convincing speaker. He is a backroom strategist and expert in creating rift among leaders of different parties. When there are efforts among opposition parties to form an alliance to defeat the BJP in coming general elections, the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party declared an alliance and the former won two Lok Sabha bypolls through this tie-up. It was an embarrassing defeat for the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath as one of the two seats was that of the Chief Minister i.e Gorakhpur held by him for 25 years. It was he who tasted the defeat. It was the first confirmation that the BJP could be defeated if the opposition was united.

The BJP president was tormented by the BSP and Samajwadi Party alliance in UP and those tie-ups which will come up in near future on national and regional level. According to his metal-make up, he said Narendra Modi was like a devastating flood in the wake of which cats, dogs, snakes and mongooses were leaving their resting places and running for safety and in the process they ganged up. He was referring indirectly to the alliance among opposition parties. He forgot in condemning the opposition parties that he likened the PM with a devastating flood.

The BJP leader has brought the political discourse to the gutter level where one is calling his counterparts with the names of different animals. Logically then he himself is no different from an animal. The Prime Minister should consider whether his close confidant is keeping his mental equilibrium. Or else the people have made up their mind to reject the animals in coming elections. They do not want to see the legislatures turning into zoos.


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