BJP MPs fast led by PM Modi, the biggest joke of the year


While it is the government, leader of the House and Speaker of Lok Sabha who are directly responsible for the washout of the second leg of the Budget session, the ruling party is putting the blame on the opposition parties particularly the Congress for the waste of time worth crores of rupees of public money. The Congress party president Rahul Gandhi sat on one day fast on April 9 along with the front-ranking leaders of the party to express people’s anger over the malfunctioning of the government on the host of issues. Among many other important issues harassment by the government of Dalits and Muslim minority were the bitter facts on which the people’s unrest was prevailing across the country. Rahul Gandhi’s fast created ripples among the people who are completely disappointed with the performance of the Modi regime. To refurbish its image it was obligatory on the BJP to counter the Congress fast and therefore the strategy was framed to absolve the government of the commissions and omissions that played havoc on the people. So it was announced that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi would observe one day fast on April 12 protesting against the opposition parties which according to his allegation caused the washout of the session.

The people are aware of the fact that despite the ruckus created by the opposition parties like AIADMK, TDP, YSRCP, TRS and the Congress who pressed their issues to be debated in the House, the Speaker could have handled them tactfully and the chairman of the Rajya Sabha also could have managed the situation. No effort was made by the ruling party or the speaker to consult with the opposition leaders to conduct the Houses in order. The climax came when the no trust motion was introduced by the TDP, supported by the Congress and other parties, the Speaker simply argued that motion could not be taken up as the House was not in order. The Speaker could have been proactive to facilitate the introduction of no confidence motion. The question arises as to why the government was fighting shy of debate on its performance. Success or failure of the motion was immaterial, but the debate was necessary so that the people could know how the government defended its shortcomings and blunders. It is also a mockery of democracy that the House guillotined Rs 24 lakh crore budget without any debate whatsoever. It was the government’s adamant attitude that forced the opposition MPs to create pandemonium. If their noise was without any basis, action could have been taken against them.

Taking up fast by the PM and his MPs is nothing but to mislead people and to transfer the blame to the opposition. It is the biggest joke of the year. The PM should also remember the past when on many occasions the BJP stalled the proceedings of the House for weeks together. PM Modi was non-entity at that time but now when he is all in all, he should not forget the past of his party.


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