When vested interests are clouding the media, Ravish Kumar of NDTV is a light house


Media, print and electronic, are now passing through the darkest time. Many media houses have been bought by the corporate companies. Free, frank and forthright views are sacrificed at the altar of vested interests. The sacrosanct character of media is miserably missing. The readers and viewers have lost their faith and are inclined towards social media fora.

Against this dark backdrop, there are few newspapers and TV channels which are holding the banner of truth and nothing but truth. We have to admit that NDTV is one of them for whom journalism is a sacred profession which can neither be threatened nor bought out. The Hindi anchor of the channel Ravish Kumar is championing the cause of truth and keeping the viewers informed about the real happenings in social and political arenas. Instead of praising the Prime Minister and the government day in and day out he shows and speaks the ground reality, a rare phenomenon in today’s TV channels. The full and comprehensive reporting of the murder of gang-rape of an 8-year-old girl from a village near Jammu is the recent example. We are really in need of more such lighthouses.

The fourth pillar of democracy is being weakened by the forces which are trying to retain power by hook or by crook.


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