Kathua and Unnao rape cases frighten women across the country


Atrocities against Dalits and Muslims and sexual assaults against women and girls are commonplace incidents in the Modi regime in India. Law and order is not up to the mark in any state and particularly in the BJP-ruled states which have been turning from bad to worse. However, the rape of an eight-year-old girl in Kathua district of Jammu region and a rape of a Dalit minor by a BJP legislator in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh witnessed the ugly side of politics where ministers, lawyers and persons at the helm of affairs are siding with the culprits and condemning the poor and helpless victims of the gang rapes.

In Jammu, the girl was grazing her horse when a temple caretaker abducted her, confined her to a room of the temple where the innocent and helpless girl was gang raped by eight people including the temple official, police officers and a juvenile in the month of January this year. To this beastly and inhuman act, the dark side of the politics was added when state ministers Choudhary Lal Singh and Chandar Prakash Ganga joined the protest by Hindu Ekta Manch pressing the police not to arrest the accused and to hand over the case to the CBI. The ministers joined their voices with the protesting mobs that they did not have faith in the crime branch of the state government. This protest was also joined by some lawyers. This was the worst demonstration of those at the helm of affairs against the victim of the worst crime.

A Dalit girl from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh made an attempt to commit suicide in front of the residence of the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in the second week of April protesting that her complaint against a BJP MLA who along with his brother violated her was not filed. She was saved from ending her life. She claimed she made many attempts to file her complaint about the gang rape but failed. The MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar was so dreadful that the police was afraid of filing complaint against him.

When the matter was in public domain, her complaint was filed but the BJP legislator was not arrested until a fiat was issued from the Supreme Court. The tragedy became more torturous when the father of the victim was taken into custody by the police and beaten black and blue. He was admitted to a hospital where he died. The CBI is investigating the case.

The above cases show that India under the BJP rule is not safe for women particularly when they belong to Dalit or minority groups. Whatever the assurances given by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi or any Chief Minister of a BJP-ruled state people cannot believe them anymore. The people’s faith in the ruling BJP touched the Nadir.



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