Mecca Masjid judgment may not give clean chit to Saffron terrorists


Eleven years after the bomb blasts of 18 May 2007 in the historic Mecca Masjid in which nine worshippers were killed and 58 others grievously injured, the NIA special court judge Ravinder Reddy on April 16 acquitted all five accused including Swami Aseemanand–the RSS parcharak citing lack of evidence collected by the CBI and the National Investigation Agency. The judge said he carefully examined the documents, material evidence placed on record and declared that none of the allegations could be proved against any of the accused. The terror crime was investigated by the prime intelligence agencies of the country and both of them failed to collect dependable evidence to punish the accused. The NIA that finally prepared put the case before the court is not in a position to say whether it will go for the appeal. If such terror cases could not be logically and legally presented to the court one may question the very existence of the NIA which has been set up to probe terror crimes.

As was the routine of the police in those days, just after the blasts by improvised explosive devices, the police arrested Muslim youths alleging that they belonged to Harkatul Jihade Islami, a Bangladesh terror organization, and after custodian torture it got confession from them. However, when the Anti-terror Squad chief Hamant Karkare while investigating Malegaon blast case, found that there were certain Hindu organizations which indulged in terror activities and arrested the accused and then Mecca Masjid, Ajmer, Samjhuta Express blasts were also probed on the same line. The BJP gave the lie to this Saffron terror at that time. Now one may consider how hard it is for any agency to present strong evidence in support of the Saffron terror. If the CBI can be the ‘caged parrot’ to serve the party in power then why not the other agency set up by the present regime, ask the people. The BJP president Amit Shah has already put forth the verdict in the Mecca Masjid blast and said it was the Congress government that created Saffron terror to damage the image of Hindus. Political analysts say with this verdict clean chit cannot be given to the Saffron terrorists.


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