PM gives assurance on SC/ST Act, will Dalits believe him?


The BJP never gave any value to the philosophy and teaching of Dr BR Ambedkar who opposed the caste tradition which is the basis of Hindu religion. He advocated reservations for the STs and SCs on the basis that these sections were suppressed by the highest caste Hindu majority for centuries together following the teaching of Manu Smirti. Totally disappointed that Hindus could not change their social system, he had to convert to Buddhism along with lakhs of his followers. Now it is political compulsion that the BJP has made Ambedkar its ideal. The other Congress leader who is being adored by the ruling party is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The party is bent on highlighting the differences between Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his deputy Sardar Patel. Both were among the stalwarts of front-ranking freedom fighters and if they differed on certain matters, their sincerity was above the board. Their priority was interest of the nation. The BJP is highlighting the working differences of these leaders with a political prism and has been misleading people for short-term gains for grabbing power by hook or by cook. Creating differences on caste, creed and religion and highlighting them out of proportion is the principal strategy of the BJP to win elections no matter the situation may damage the national interests. None other but Prime Minister himself raised the issues presenting them as Khabrasthan vs Shamshan Ghat, Holi vs Eid in Uttar Pradesh poll and dragged Pakistan in Gujarat elections. The former was an easy walk while the latter was a hard nut to crack. Now to woo the Dalits, the Prime Minister is singing a paean for B R Ambedkar. Paying tributes to the principal architect of our constitution, the Prime Minister a day before the birth anniversary of Baba Sahib Ambedkar, on April 14, promised to convince the Supreme Court that the observation of the esteemed judges to dilute the SC/ST Act was injustice to the Dalits. While addressing an Ambedkar memorial function, Prime Minister said it was the BJP which was giving due respect to Baba Sahib. He reiterated that the Congress did injustice to the Dalits icon.

The UP CM’s tribute to Ambedkarji was coloured with Hindutva and he added Ramji with the name of Ambedkar. A circular was issued to correct the name in official record. Dalits were not happy with these hollow tricks. They are observing that they are being targeted by hardcore Hindus particularly Gau Rakshaks. A UP legislator who was allegedly involved in the rape of a Dalit minor girl openly said she belonged to a low caste. On one hand the Prime Minister is all praise for Baba Sahib Ambedkar and on the other his party leaders are not losing any opportunity to denigrate and insult Dalits. It is a fact that the government did not defend the case when the Supreme Court was hearing the PIL to dilute the SC/ST Act. Now the PM is trying to gain the favour of Dalits. Will they believe him? A question to be answered in the coming polls.


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