Rapes cases: Modi’s image abroad shines with blemishes


There were huge crowds on the streets of London to protest against the rapes in Kathua and Unnao when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in the Britain’s capital to attend a global meet. They raised slogans, “Modi go back.” The ghastly crimes echoed globally. Then the largely circulated daily the New York Times severely criticized the Indian Prime Minister to allow Hindutva organizations to pollute the atmosphere with communal feelings. The paper in its editorial on April 17 spoke of these incidents and said such and other incidents were part of “an organized and systematic campaign by nationalist forces.” It said the Prime Minister who considered himself a talented orator kept mum on these incidents. The national and communal forces which are the base of the BJP were posing danger to women and minorities.

The paper referred to the promise made by the Prime Minister that the incidents brought shame to the country and “our daughters will definitely get justice.” The editorial said the promise was hollow because the Prime Minister took a long time to react. The daily accused the Prime Minister of taking a similar approach in the past when addressing cases in which vigilante groups affiliated with the PM’s political movement attacked and killed Muslims and Dalits. There were false allegations that they slaughtered cows. The Prime Minister did not speak about the incidents directly and talked about them while addressing a public meeting. He also did not speak about the allegations levelled against the BJP MLA that he gang-raped the minor Dalit.

Will the PM take note of the global criticism?


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