Dead heat or a deadly attempt to mislead people in Karnataka?


Poll surveys are at it again. On the eve of elections, surveys on elections surface like mushrooms. Very few are sincerely conducted to gauge the mood of the voters but most of them are linked to one party or other on monetary considerations. Resultantly many of them are wrong. More often than not ruling parties influence these surveys. One may come to conclusion that the BJP is calling shots to take service from these companies which are conducting these surveys. Surveys in near past showed the ruling party the Congress ahead of all parties in Karnataka where elections are scheduled on May 12. Now on April 24, a survey  conducted by JAIN-Lokniti CSDS appeared in a section of a media saying that voters in the state are evenly divided. It said the BJP was leading and it would win 95 seats vis a vis the Congress which would not go beyond 91. The same survey said the Congress CM candidate Siddaramaiah with 30 per cent popularity is preferred to Yeddyurappa who is running with 25 per cent. We may ask the survey promoter how the Congress with leading CM candidate can be lagging behind in collecting seats? Such surveys are monetarily motivated to support a particularly party.

Karnataka elections are crucial both for the ruling Congress and the BJP which is leaving no dirty trick in its bag to win the elections. For the Congress it is high time to halt the juggernaut of the BJP. If the Congress has to make a grade in the 2019 elections, it has to reverse the victory run of the BJP. The Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has a vast and strong base in the state. It is a Herculean task for the BJP to impregnate the strong castle of the Congress. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the state to convince the people in favour of the BJP. The meetings were not as massive as he used to address. The UP CM Yogi Adityanath also conducted campaign trips to the state. It is the deliberate attempt by BJP to give communal colour to the poll campaign.




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