Indian and global authors write to PM Modi on communal violence in India


Human rights organizations have been protesting against the Modi government for organized brutalities targeted towards religious minorities, Dalits, tribals and women. However Indian governments ignored them. This dangerous trend started since the BJP government came to power in 2014. Even the former US president Barak Obama spoke of excesses perpetrated against Christians and Muslims when he visited India as an official guest for the first Independence day celebrations since the new government came to power. However, the government said the observations of the foreigner dignitary were baseless. When Mohammad Akhalaq was lynched in Dadri in Uttar Pradesh on the false charge of keeping beef in his house, writers and intellectuals in India returned their official honours and awards in protest but the government simply ignored the intolerance charge.

Now in the wake of the rape incidents in Kathua in Kashmir and Annao in Uttar Pradesh triggering nationwide stir, 49 retired civil servants expressed their anguish over the gruesome happenings and then they were joined by 637 academics and authors from different parts of the world. It is reported that they wrote a letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and expressed their anguish and anger. They said the Modi government was not doing enough to stop “the pattern of repeated targeted attacks on minority religious communities, Dalits, tribals and women.”

After a long wait, the Prime Minister condemned the incidents as shame for the country and assured that culprits would be punished. The writers said the PM’s statement was too late and too little. The assurance did not show the determination of the government. In the letter they cited examples of mob attacks and lynching of Muslims and Dalits by Gau Rakshaks. They said they were sending the letter to him so that they would not be guilty of silence.


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