Kathua rape defence lawyer spreading communal hatred: Should he be allowed to practise?


Lawyers are guardians of law and the part and parcel of justice system, one of the three pillars of democracy. Their personal predilections and preferences cannot be discussed but public speech and action should not escape judicial scrutiny. After the Kathua incident in which an eight-year-old girl was detained, raped and killed in a temple premises, a section of lawyers protested in favour of the accused. It was an illegal and unlawful action and therefore taken notice of by the Supreme Court. Now the defence lawyer of five out of eight accused in the case is reported to have made provocative remarks inciting Hindus against Muslims.

It is said Ankur Sharma, the lawyer, asked Hindus to not sell their land and properties to Muslims who are enemies. In a video that is making rounds, he is seen appealing Hindus not to purchase anything especially milk and other dairy products from Gujjars, a nomadic Muslim community, the girl of which was made a victim. Ankur Sharma is actively involved in the activities of the Hindu Ekta Manch, the organization that protested in favour of the rape accused. According to him Muslims believe Hindus are weak. Therefore Hindus should prove themselves strong and powerful. He also advised that no land should be sold to Muslims because they wanted to bring about demographic change. Muslims are enemies because they want to wipe out Hindus. He said the rape incident was highlighted only because Muslims want to hatch a conspiracy against Hindus. He also asked Hindus to be ready and pick up arms.

Questions arise whether a lawyer who openly creates communal hatred and advises his community to pick up arms can be allowed to continue his legal practice? and why a case has not been booked against him yet?


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