None should have any doubt when the credit goes to the BJP leaders for making hate speeches


Prime Minister may not have done anything to fulfill his poll promises on providing jobs to the youth or accelerating the economic growth rate, but the BJP leaders particularly communal hard cores have been doing everything from the day he came to power at the centre in making hate speeches. They started asking the Muslim minority to go to Pakistan, not to carry cattle from one place to another, not to continue meat business, not to keep beef at homes or eat it and not to follow Sharia. Hate speeches had been galore from street leaders of the BJP to the party MLAs, MPs and state and central ministers. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to rein in them but to no avail. As early as April 22, he asked them to exercise restraint while addressing through the NaMo app.

Now it is reported on April 26 that as many as 27 BJP parliamentarians and state legislators have been accused of inciting hate through their public speeches. Out of total 58 cases in which MPs and MLAs declared hate speech cases against them while submitting their nominations for elections, 27 belong to the BJP. The leaders from the TRS and AIMIM come second with six cases each. As far as the states are concerned UP is the first. Then comes Telangana. Seeing the worst situation in his party, the Prime Minister could not help advising his leaders to hold their tongue, but it seemed his voice echoed in the desert. This is a case of self declaration, but if we count the cases reported in media, then the number of BJP leaders may be startling.


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