High sounding claims of BJP to demolish graft are exposed


Close observers of the Karnataka poll campaign sensing the mood of the people in a non-partisan way say that it will be the biggest failure of the BJP president Amit Shah to lead the party to victory. The credit of every BJP victory goes to the magic oratory of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the strategy of the BJP chief. This time both of them are bound to fail to achieve their goal, they say. About the claims to demolish corruption from the country, they are already exposed in the Rafele aircraft deal, the business of Amit Shah’s son, the loot of banks by the corporate traders and allegation against Union power minister.

Now Amit Shah and Prime Minister are supporting Y S Yeddyurappa whose alleged corrupt deals caused the downfall of the BJP regime in Karnataka. Then the Gali Janardhan Reddy brothers, the other dark symbol of corruption are in the fray. After these elections, the BJP cannot claim that the party is against corruption.

In a road show Amit Shah mocked at the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah that he was contesting from two seats because he was not confident to win. The BJP chief said the Chief Minister would lose from both the seats. Amit Shah should understand that for big shots contesting from two seats has become a common practice. Narendra Modi himself contested from two seats. Was he also afraid of losing from one seat. As there is no concrete charge against the Chief Minister, the PM-Shah duo is depending on cock and bull stories. They should know that people have seen through the game plan to misguide them.


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