If BJP comes to power at the centre, there may not be elections again


The opposition parties led by the Congress are making every effort to form a national alliance to give fight to the ruling BJP. It is also being considered that the state-wise alliances may be formed to see that the BJP is defeated at every stage. The BJP is taking mileage when the opposition is divided. The united opposition can easily defeat the BJP as the combined force of the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party defeated the BJP in the bypolls of two Lok Sabha seats which were represented by the Chief Minister and his deputy.

The former Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan in Bangaluru on April 28 told presspersons that about the continuation of democracy in India. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi always alleged that the Congress represented a dynastic rule in the country. Chavan said the way the PM has been functioning, the country is drifting towards dictatorship. If the BJP returns to power at the centre, then he is afraid that there may not be elections again.

The former Maharashtra Chief Minister was forced to make this acidic remark because democratic and constitutional organizations in the country were being trampled in the BJP rule. It is a duty of every citizen to defeat the BJP in Karnataka. This defeat will be the beginning of a series of defeats in coming elections. In these elections the battlelines have already been drawn among the Congress, the BJP and the JD(S) but the pointers have indicated that the JD(S) is inclined towards the BJP. Deve Gowda of the party and the Prime Minister are showering praise on each other.


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