No concrete substance in PM’s poll campaign


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a hectic poll campaign since May 1 in Karnataka which is scheduled to vote on May 12 to decide the fate of the state whether it will be ruled by the Congress, the current ruling party or the BJP which was in power once. While the Congress is confident to retain power, for the BJP it is matter of now or never. Winning Karnataka means giving victory signals to Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. For the Congress also winning does not simply mean retaining power but it involves boosting expectations to reverse the long series of defeats.

As the Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, is riding on the crest of popularity by the dint of his performance, the Prime Minister picked up issues which have no substance and not connected to the problems faced by the people. He said the Congress President Rahul Gandhi insulted the former PM and JD(S) chief Deve Goud. As the JD(S) is in the fray, Rahul Gandhi is within his rights to find fault with the functioning of the party and its leader. It is not insult in any sense. Then the PM threw challenge to Rahul Gandhi to address a meeting for five minutes in any language Hindi, English or the mother tongue of his mother. The last mentioned name of the language reflects his depraved mentality. It is reviving the buried issue of Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin. It is a desperate attempt to attack the Congress leader. Besides addressing poll rallies, Rahul Gandhi made lengthy speeches on the floor of Parliament. The BJP raised hue and cry over his speeches in foreign countries recently in the US where he tore into the PM’s internal and external policies. He can make speech in Hindi and English ‘without notes’. Can the master of glib in Hindi make a challenging speech in English without rote? It is not befitting of the Prime Minister to raise the issues which are bound to boomerang.



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