PM Modi stoops too low to conquer in Karnataka

In an unprecedented situation facing contempt notice


No doubt, the Karnataka assembly polls are crucially important both for the ruling party Congress and the main rival BJP, but while the former is making sound and hectic efforts, the latter is so frantic and frenzied that the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi stooped too low to conquer the voters, speaking falsehood, mutilating the history and levelling baseless allegations against the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who was forced to send contempt notice of Rs 100 crore in an unprecedented step. However, it has become a usual practice for the Prime Minister to throw the norms and decency to winds in the flow of his forceful oratory. It is of course as the Congress said, not befitting for the highest stature he holds. In the UP elections , he struck the communal cord and advised the then Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to make proper arrangement of lighting in ‘Shamshanghat’ if it is done in ‘Kabrasthan’ misguiding the audience that the CM is biased against Hindus. The BJP won elections with handsome majority only due to trifurcation of votes among the SP-Congress combine, the BJP and the BSP. In the Gujarat elections also the ruling BJP was unnerved to save the prestige in the PM’s home state. The PM dragged Pakistan with an absurd charge forcing the authorities of the neighbouring country to plead not to make such baseless allegations. The people of the so-called model state gave a wafer-thin majority to the BJP. This was the first bitter taste for the Prime Minister. Then in a series of bypolls, the BJP was defeated by the Congress and the SP-BSP combine. Now despite moving heaven and earth, another Waterloo is waiting for the BJP on May 15.

It was a daring decision on the part of the Chief Minister of Siddaramaiah on May 7, to send a legal notice for criminal and civil defamation to the BJP, Prime Minister, BJP chief Amit Shah and the BJP CM candidate Yeddyurappa over the allegations of corruptions levelled against him. The CM’s lawyer cited instances of the speeches delivered by the Prime Minister and other leaders and advertisements published by the BJP. It is a sound and exemplary step to caution all the leaders who deliver defamatory and reckless speeches in poll campaigns.

The PM while throwing baseless charges against the CM and his government blissfully forgot that his party made Yeddyurappa the CM candidate despite the fact that he was sent to jail on corruption charges. The tickets were given to Reddy brothers who are facing corruption charges in illegal mining case. Will people not see through the double and devious talks? PM thinks he will be able to take the people for a ride with his magical oratory.

Narendra Modi flayed Siddaramaiah for celebrating Tipu Sultan without naming the ruler but he should know the fact that according to a survey of the Mysuru area, 64 per cent people supported the government move to present yearly tributes to the great ruler who sacrificed his life while fighting the British rulers. The BJP and its Hindutva philosopher never took part in the freedom movement. Therefore the PM is within his right to ignore the great freedom fighter.

Prime Minister is always impatiently anxious to level this or that charge against his rivals, but he is seldom cautious to check the facts. While addressing poll rallies, the Prime Minister reminded the people that the Congress humiliated and insulted the sons of Karnataka. He said Gen K S Thimayya won the war against Pakistan and Field Marshal Cariappa led the army against Chinese forces but that both these army officers were insulted by the then Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlala Nehru and the then Defence Minister Krishna Menon. During the Nehru era the former was appointed as a head of the United Nations Neutral Nations Repatriation Commission, a prestigious post and the latter was sent as the High Commissioner to Australia. According to the PM these treatments were insults to the army officers. The Prime Minister is always in search of an opportunity to belittle the first Prime Minister of the country, but every time he has made blunders and a spectacle of himself to others.


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